bachelor of science in communication studies

help make the world the most that it can be with a career in relations

a degree in communication studies from frostburg state university starts you on the road towards a busy and satisfying career helping make the world a better place and building stronger and more fulfilling relationships. communications practitioners are valued by just about every organization in the modern world for the ease of communication they bring to the workplace. frostburg can prepare you to tackle interpersonal conflicts at the source, lead large groups of people to accomplish a unified goal or effectively communicate with and persuade the general public. in a world as wired and information-packed as we have today, you could be the difference between goals lost in misunderstandings and a flourishing team of collaborators.

  • Choose between three tracks: Conflict Communication Studies, Leadership Communication Studies and Public Communication & Rhetorical Studies.
  • work with a number of organizations around frostburg and boost your resume with real-world experience.
  • prepare for a career as an attorney, counselor, human resources specialist, trainer, salesperson or director of an organization.

bachelor of science in communication studies highlights:

  • take part in activities like academic conferences, internships, and volunteer work that put your communication talents to use around the campus and community.
  • participate in field trips to pittsburgh and washington, d.c., and other destinations that enhance your leadership skills and classroom experiences.
  • use your skills to organize and promote dialogue and deliberation sessions, which highlights local town and gown partnerships.
  • join lambda pi eta, the communication honor society affiliated with the national communication association.
  • strive to be a role model for your fellow students and earn the ann l. williams communication studies scholarship.

about our communication studies faculty:

  • help build good relations between fsu and frostburg city with professors who develop your leadership skills through dialogue and deliberation events and other community activities.
  • learn from professors whose special research interests include organizing rhetoric, conflict management, and gender and leadership.

sample communication studies courses you may take:

interviewing – communication in informational, appraisal, employment, persuasive and research interviews. focuses on selecting and structuring questions to achieve specific objectives and on strategies of collecting, analyzing and reporting qualitative data for research.

presentational communication – theory and practice of orally presenting ideas to reach audience-centered goals. use of technology in activities common to communication-related careers.

organizational communication – theory, practices and analysis of organizational communication, with emphasis on applying practical knowledge in current and future organizational contexts. includes creation of an organizational portfolio and preparation for the capstone experience for majors.

issues and responsibilities of communication – study of how free speech functions in relation to communication in the united states and the ethical responsibilities of communicators in interpersonal, public, artistic and professional situations.

find out more about frostburg state university’s communication studies program requirements (pdf).

career outlook for communications specialists:

communications specialists can find a career in just about any business. all organizations value good communication skills and need them to keep up strong relationships between employees and between the organization and the public. communication skills are particularly valuable, especially as the internet drastically increases spread of information, and communication specialists will be needed to properly address both good and bad news for a company or organization. communications-related jobs are experiencing about average growth, with a 12% increase projected between 2012 and 2022. for more information, visit // (u.s. government occupational outlook handbook).

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