emphasis in professional writing

complement any major with the ability to write like a pro

good communication is important in all aspects of life, and in the professional world, the ability to write professionally is a must. frostburg state university’s emphasis in professional writing makes a great companion to any field of study, boosting your skills in other areas with the ability to organize your ideas and share them effectively. frostburg’s program boasts experienced professors and a wide variety of classes, so even with the plethora of styles and formats out there, your writing education will be fine-tuned to fit your professional ambitions. experience how great writing skills can transform your education, your career outlook and your day-to-day life!

  • develop your writing abilities to excel in any major or workplace, and if writing really strikes a chord with you, consider the professional writing concentration of fsu’s english major.
  • add a valuable humanities skill to your degree in science, the arts, business or anything else.

professional writing highlights

  • build up great communication skills that will help you share your ideas and understand what others have to say.
  • Design your own writing education. The Professional Writing emphasis lets you pick from a collection of classes such as business, scientific and news & feature writing so you can shape your program to fit a particular field.
  • gain real-world experience with the many opportunities to publish your work on campus and in the community.

about our professional writing faculty:

  • learn from professors who have years of experience working as journalists, editors, novelists, technical writers and more.
  • meet professional writers who actively publish works and contribute to their field beyond higher education.

sample professional writing courses:

journalistic writing – introduction to the journalism industry, including citizen journalism. effective, responsible and deadline-driven newsgathering, reporting and editing. specialized demands of straight news, feature stories and the public-relations profession.

editing and production – design, layout and editing techniques for professional publications. reinforcement of copy editing and proofreading skills.

applied digital writing – introduction to writing within various digital genres of the internet and other multimedia systems; use of multimedia tools in conjunction with writing; analysis of existing media online.

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career outlook for writing professionals

skillful writing is a valuable ability in any career, as all fields require good communication on some level. applicants for writing-specific jobs who have experience and a collection of strong sample works will be in the best position for employment. writers have a variety of career options open to them, including jobs in public relations, journalism and publishing or freelancing and publishing their own works, as well as a highly desirable skill set that can help them build careers in almost any industry. for more information, check out the bureau of labor statistics’ pages on Writers & Authors, technical writers and other media and communication occupations.

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