minor in industrial and organizational psychology

use science to help workplaces work smarter!

industrial and organizational (i/o) psychologists don’t just go to work, they study and understand how and why workplaces work the way they do. their purpose is twofold. i/o psychologists attempt to understand human behavior to improve employee satisfaction. at the same time, they use their skills to help employers find the best person for any given position. overall, i/o psychologists help make workplaces more enjoyable for workers and managers alike. even nasa is turning to i/o psychologists to help design long-term, deep-space missions that maintain crew cohesiveness and morale far beyond our planet.

frostburg state university’s i/o psychology minor is the only undergraduate program in i/o psychology in maryland. graduates of the program are uniquely prepared for graduate studies in this growing and lucrative career field. students majoring in psychology, sociology, education or business will also find unique benefits from this program in their careers. of course, the knowledge gained in this minor is beneficial to all students when they begin careers, whether they do so as employees, managers or business owners.


  • gain unique insight into workplaces, workers and their behaviors, and the forces that influence the interactions between them.
  • understand the high-level issues of organizational leadership and design, as well as the everyday practical human resources issues that impact every organization.
  • intern with an employer to gain practical experience by applying your lessons in the world beyond academia.
  • complete your minor in industrial and organizational psychology in just 18 credit hours regardless of your major.


  • learn from experienced instructors with well-developed scholarly pursuits relevant to workplace thinking and behavior.
  • stretch your educational experience beyond the textbook and classroom with i/o instructors who have all worked outside of academia in addition to their relevant doctoral degrees, offering a unique and practical perspective on the subject.


industrial/organizational psychology — explores how psychological theory, methods and research are used to help understand, predict and influence people’s behavior in the workplace. considers personnel psychology, organizational psychology and consumer psychology.

human resources management — effective utilization of human resources in organizations with an emphasis on principles, practices and legal aspects of job analysis, recruitment and selection, training, performance appraisal, compensation, safety and health, employer-employee rights and union-management relations, as well as current issues in the field.

group processes — study of group processes including power dynamics, curative factors, patterns of member interaction, leadership and stages of group development.

leadership and human behavior — introduction to leadership theories and concepts with an emphasis on applications of leadership qualities and human skills required for managerial success and organizational effectiveness.


entering the small but growing field of industrial and organizational psychology as a professional typically requires a master’s degree, yet the skills gained through the i/o psychology minor are valuable in any workplace. the minor prepares graduates for graduate studies on the subject, and graduate-trained i/o psychologists earn above-average wages. some job titles specific to i/o psychology are: engineering psychologist, human resources psychologist, industrial psychologist, management psychologist, organizational research consultant and personnel research psychologist. for more information, check out the bureau of labor statistics page for industrial and organizational psychologists.

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